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PostHeaderIcon How To Avoid Spam Robots

How To Avoid Spam Robots
by: Jim Edwards
© Jim Edwards – All Rights reserved

Despite the fact that Federal legislation (the CANSPAM act) made it illegal, harvesting email addresses from the web using automated robots remains alive and well.

Spammers who need fresh email addresses release software spider programs that comb the Internet and suck email addresses off Web pages, guest books, and anywhere else you might post your email address.

Once they get your email address, spammers will trade it around like 5th graders with a new pack of Pokemon cards at recess and you can expect the avalanche of email to begin flooding your inbox.

In order to combat this still rampant practice of stealing email addresses from websites and sending people email they don’t want, the following tips should help protect you.

** Break It Up **

Obviously the best way to avoid getting picked up by an email harvester is not to post your email anywhere on anyone’s website (including your own).

If the only way someone can get your email is if you give it to them, that creates a similar situation to operating with an unlisted phone number.

If telemarketers can’t get your phone number, they can’t call.

If you must post your email address, post it in a way that a robot won’t recognize it as an email address. Instead of posting YOURNAME@YOURDOMAIN.COM, you can put YOURNAME (AT) YOURDOMAIN.COM and then, in parenthesis, put (replace AT with @ to email me).

Though it seems like an extra step for legitimate email, you’ll find it a very effective technique.

** Use An Image **

Currently, online spiders (ANY spider, including search engines) cannot read text that appears in a graphic or picture. If you must display an email address on a page, then do it by typing your email address into your favorite graphics program and saving the image as a .gif or .jpg. Then post the image onto your web page so people can see the email, but spiders cannot. This too creates an extra step for people because they must type in your email address, but it’s an effective solution if you must display an email address on your own website.

** Use An Email Form **

Another way to cut down on spam originating from your own website is simply not to display an email at all.

Instead, allow customers and prospects to contact you through a form where they fill in fields, click a button, and your website emails you their message.

A note of caution: make sure the form script you use does not keep your email address visible in the form code.

If the form code contains the email address, spam robots can find it even though you don’t see it on the page.

** Make It Hard To Guess **

Sometimes you’ll get unsolicited email because a spammer guessed your email address.

It’s not a far stretch to imagine that someone probably has the email, so spammers will do a "dictionary" attack on common usernames.

One way to defeat this is to place a "dot" (.) in your email address, such as The dot makes it virtually impossible for spammers to guess your email address.

About the author:
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Article Source: The Only Yard For The Internet Junkie
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PostHeaderIcon Protect Your Sites from SPAM!!!

WordPress Tips And Tricks

Another days goes by and there’s SPAM all over the place. :angry:
Have you ever got tired of deleting all of those SPAM? Well, I’ve found a cure! :w00t:
It eliminates all the SPAM and I don’t have to see it anymore. No more deleting or editing the SPAM comments. I’ve found this great plugins that works with WordPress and some other platform like phpBB, vBulletin, SMF, Typepad etc.

Igor Berger is the author of the plugins and he is the president of IVB IT SOLUTIONS . He has created this wonderful plugins called PHSDL ™ that will remove all the SPAM in your comments. For example, If the posting message is flaged with a SPAM domain, the poster is redirected to Project Honeypot Spam Domains Hot List with a warning that the Spammer domain has been caught! So it will not appear in our blog SPAM list. That makes my life much more easier. No more SPAM to delete, it’s just not there to be deleted. :lol:
You can give it a try here. Just put any of the domain listed in the Project Honeypot Spam Domains Hot List in your comment here and you’ll see what I mean. :devil:

To find out more about this technology and how it can help you, you can visit the PHSDL ™ documentation page. This page will tell you where and how you can get it and install it at your own sites. And if you used it, please put a link to PHSDL ™ in your footer, like I did. :cool:
Because I’m using it and it shows my support to the wonderful plugins. :wink:

*** UPDATE ***

If you’re using a WordPress blog and would like to use this plugins at you blog, you can mail me your request here at admin@JunkieYard.Com but if you’re not using a WordPress blog then you can mail your request to the PHSDL Admin at the PHSDL ™ documentation page. And please include your blog URL where you want the plugins to be installed in your mail. :wink:

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Article Source: The Only Yard For The Internet Junkie
If you like all this stuff here then you can buy me a pack of cigarettes.

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