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PostHeaderIcon How to convert DRM protected m4p music to mp3 wma wav with TuneClone

The music files you purchased from online music stores like iTunes, Yahoo Music or Wal-Mart are under DRM protection. You can not play them on your own mobile devices other than iPod and iPhone. However you can burn the protected music files to CD-R/RW disc to make an audio CD and then use some CD ripper software to convert the audio CD track back to MP3, WAV, WMA, etc.

TuneClone Audio Converter doesn’t bypass the DRM. It simulates the Burning, Ripping and Encoding process by installing a virtual CD burner. All you need to do is to burn your playlist with your media player software to TuneClone’s virtual CD Burner, and TuneClone will convert music files in the playlist automatically.

The following step by step tutorial is dedicated to instructing music lovers to enjoy M4P WMA music files from iTunes Store on other mobile devices, such as MP3 player, cell phone, Zune, BlackBerry, PSP, Creative Zen, etc., with TuneClone Audio Converter:

Step1 . Download TuneClone from and install it.

It is fully compatible with Windows XP and Vista. A virtual CD Burner will be installed. This virtual CD-RW will be used to convert music files.

Step2 . Set the default CD Burner to TuneClon CD-RW at iTunes. Click menu Edit , select menu item Preferences… , and then select Advanced Tab.

TuneClone Audio Converter - Convert M4P to MP3

In order to keep the artist and title information of the music, the Include CD Text option should be checked.

Convert DRM itunes M4P to MP3

Step 3. Create a playlist, and then add the files you want to convert into the playlist.

tuneclone audio converter - convert m4p to mp3 wma wav

Step 4 . Click Burn Disc button at the bottom right of the main screen of iTunes.

convert m4p to mp3 with virtual cd burner

While the burning gets started, TuneClone will automatically convert the music file to MP3, WMA or WAV. You can open the manager screen to show all the converted music files.

easily convert itunes m4p to wma mp3 wav

The most important step is to choose the cd burner. Then the software can convert the music files automatically. It is exceedingly easy when you want to batch convert lots of files.

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PostHeaderIcon Where To Download Music On The Internet

Article Source: JunkieYard Dot Com

Where To Download Music On The Internet

by: Chris Fox

Virtually all of you have probably heard of the RIAA’s quest to crush online music piracy. The illegal sharing of copyrighted songs via the MP3 format on top the Internet costs the music industry billions of dollars. This is conventionally done applying illegal file sharing programs like KaZaa and iMesh. This article explores the legal ways to download and enjoy music from the Internet.

Method 1: Try out Free Music Sites

There are many free music websites which provide free music downloads. It is not the websites of your music pirates – it is completely legal. Do not expect to find full albums to download, particularly if the song is from a famous artist (only music pirate websites allow full album downloads). You’ll only find a couple “teasers” intended to produce you wish to purchase the artists’ Compact disc. Independent, less well-known artists are an exception – many of them will let you down their complete song catalog to promote themselves.

Just here are a couple of the free music websites which I personally recommend:


* Digital Music Downloads



* The Internet Underground Music Archive

Method 2: Purchase Music Online

An increasingly popular way to find and download music online is to head for legal online music services. The virtually all popular of these is the Apples iTune service. Now it will bring across 400,000 songs from all 5 major labels. Every song is available for a standard cost of ninety-nine cents every. Right here are the best online music services I have come across:


* iTunes

* MusicMatch Downloads

* Napster

* Rhapsody



It’s incredibly tempting to employ KaZaa and more file sharing programs to download music – however please do not. If you wrote a song and sold a Compact disc, would you be happy to see hundreds to thousands of people distributing that song for free? No. You do not have to break the law to find and download free MP3 music. There are many websites out there offering free music – you just want to find them.

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Article Source: The Only Yard For The Internet Junkie
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