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As you already know, our sites recently got promoted by Google. Our Google Page Rank are now PR 3. So, do you want a free backlinks to your sites from our PR 3 sites? First, let’s hear a little story about backlinks.

What is a backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links from another sites to our sites. The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity of our sites in the terms of search engine ranking. In basic link terminology, a backlinks is any link received by a website from another website. Backlinks are also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links.

Search engine rankings.

Backlinks are often used by the search engine to rank their results. It’s one of the factors that the search engine use to calculate a website’s search engine ranking. Websites often employ various SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization) to increase the number of backlinks pointing to their website.

A quality backlinks.

There are various factors for determining the quality of a backlinks. The main factor is the Page Rank of the websites that’s giving the backlinks. And as you know, we’re a good factor. Backlinks from a high ranked sites like ours is a good quality backlinks. The second factor is the subject of the pages which are linked by a backlinks. If both sites are discussing the same topic, the back link is relevant and of good quality. And the third important thing is the anchor text of the backlinks. If the anchor text is related to the theme of the website where the link is pointing, then it’s called a good quality backlinks. A good quality backlinks like ours will increase the Page Rank of your websites.

How do I get a free backlinks?

Well, The easiest way for you to get a free backlinks from our sites is that if you’re an EntreCard users then you just need to drop your EntreCard here in our EntreCard widget and your sites will get listed in the "Latest Droppers" list and "Top 10 Droppers" list. Only ten sites listed here in our droppers list.

You could also leave your comments on any post here and if your comments get approved, then your link will show up in the "Top 10 Commentators" widget in the sidebar menu. Easy right? The list will cleared itself once a month though. You have to leave your comments again the next time you’re here. :tongue:

And here’s another options for you to get a lot of backlinks to your sites for FREE! Join our FREE Auto Link Exchange Service at our Link Exchange Service Network website and choose the sites that you want to link to and the sites that is going to link to your sites. There’s thousands of sites in there. You can choose which one to approve or deny. It’s up to you. You can view the links page here. You can add this links page to your own sites too.

And don’t forget our Free Link Directory Listing. You can submit your sites here too. Go and take a look, it has a thumbnail preview of each site listed there with all the details. Pretty cool eh?


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