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Windows 10 Launch

Windows 10 has officially arrived and now that we’re more than a day removed from its launch, Microsoft can breathe a sigh of relief. Unlike Windows 8, which was met with heavy criticism even before it was released to the public, the response to Windows 10 has been, for the most part, pretty positive.

Microsoft is rolling out Windows 10 to PCs in waves and it will take some for Microsoft to deliver it to everyone who is eligible for a free upgrade. Even so, the first 24 hours has seen a flurry of installs — Windows 10 is now on more than 14 million devices.

“We still have many more upgrades to go before we catch up to each of you that reserved your upgrade. Rest assured we are working 24×7 to continue the upgrade process and are prioritizing the quality of your upgrade experience over anything else,” Microsoft said in a blog post. “We are grateful for your excitement and enthusiasm and we appreciate your patience over the days and weeks ahead as we carefully roll out Windows 10 in phases to all of you that have reserved.”

Microsoft’s goal is to eventually get Windows 10 installed on a billion devices. Though 14 million is far cry from 1 billion, it’s a start. And according to Microsoft, the demand for Windows 10 has been unprecedented.

“It has been an incredible 24 hours for Windows and our fans. We’re humbled and grateful to see the response to Windows 10,” Microsoft added.

Windows 10 is a new beginning for Microsoft. Gone are the days of Microsoft releasing a major OS followed by a Service Pack or two en route to another major OS. Instead, Microsoft has transitioned to a Windows-as-a-Service (WaaS) model in which it will continually dole out security updates and feature upgrades to Windows 10. Unless something changes, Windows 10 will be the last major version of Windows ever.

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