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Giving back to the community always feels good

At Maximum PC, we do a lot with our computers, work, content consumption, and gaming. We love gaming. Gaming is the one major industry that really pushes the PC ecosystem forward. So what better way to support the community than to give back?

Ubisoft is celebrating the one year annivesary of Ghost Recon Phantoms—previously called Ghost Recon Online. There’s a new team deathmatch mode that’s being introduced to celebrate the anniversary. I’ve been a fan of the Tom Clancy series of games since the beginning. So, I figured it would be a nice gesture to say hey Ghost Recon, happy birthday, here are some subscriptions we can give to the fans!

Ghost Recon Phantoms

To participate, all you have to do—if you play Ghost Recon Phantoms—is to gift a Birthday Box to a friend between today and April 29th, which is when the giveaway ends. Ubisoft will then enter you in a raffle, automatically. We’re putting up a bunch of 1 year subscriptions, either in full print form or digital, the choice will be yours.

The promotion is available globally, so wherever you may reside, we will get Maximum PC to you!

Are you guys fans of the Tom Clancy series of games? If any of the games could be remade, which one would it be? Let us know in the comments.

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