PostHeaderIcon UPDATED: Cougar Chases Small Form Factor Market with QBX Computer Case

Cougar QBXMini-ITX or bust

Cougar on Monday announced the arrival of its QBX, the “most advanced compact gaming case” around. According to Cougar, there are three reasons the QBX stands out from the crowd. The first is its compact dimensions — the small form factor (SFF) chassis measures 178 (W) x 260 (H) x 368 (D) millimeters, or 7 (W) x 10.2 (H) x 14.5 (D) inches and can only swallow up mini-ITX motherboards.

Second on Cougar’s list is expandability. While small in stature, it has a big appetite for hardware and can be stuffed with up to five storage drives (hard drives or solid state drives), a long graphics card up to 350mm (13.77 inches), a standard ATX power supply up to 140mm long (5.51 inches), and a slim optical drive.

Cougar’s third reason is cooling. The QBX supposedly offers the “best cooling” of its class on the market, a claim Cougar makes based on the cases seven fan mounts and liquid cooling support (you can mount a radiator up to 240mm). There’s also a dedicated PSU compartment to prevent hot air from affecting the other components, along with wide ventilation openings with dust filters.

Look for the QBX to be available in April. We’ve reached out to Cougar for a price and will update when/if we hear back.


Cougar tells Maximum PC that the QBX’s MSRP will be $60, though it doesn’t enforce MSRPs on its distributors “due to the massive differences between the world’s markets.” The company also sent us a bunch of photos of the QBX, which you can check out in our photo gallery below.

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