PostHeaderIcon GDC 2015: Interview with Cloudhead Games, Developer of The Gallery: Six Elements [Video]

Cloudhead GamesVR tech demo impresses attendants

During GDC, Valve was making quite an impression with attendants who experienced the company’s SteamVR demonstration (you can read about the experience). But it wouldn’t have been impressive if it weren’t for some of the titles that are currently being developed. Maximum PC Online Managing Editor Jimmy Thang was able to interview a couple of the developers at Cloudhead Games about its VR title The Gallery: Six Elements, one of the VR tech demos being shown.


The Gallery: Six Elements is an exploration game with a fantasy setting that has been developed for virtual reality. It features a fully interactive environment where users will be able to pull, lift, grab, push, and even smash their way through different elemental worlds while trying to find the main character’s sister.  

Cloudhead Games developed its demo specifically for Valve’s SteamVR demonstration though the developers say that The Gallery: Six Elements will be adjustable to accommodate a 4×4 up to a 15×15 foot area. For those worried about running into walls, though, the developers talked about Valve’s Chaperone System which will show a graphical representation of a wall, in the game, when you get too close to a wall in your room. A feature that, according to the developers, will be in all SteamVR games. 

Be sure to watch the video to learn more about The Gallery: Six Elements and Valve’s SteamVR. 

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