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Zalman FanFunky fresh fan, heatsink, and case designs

We all love fast hardware — burly graphics cards, oodles of RAM, multi-core processors — but one of the unsung heros is cooling. Crucial as it may be to a stable running machine, cooling isn’t always glamorous or sexy. That being the case, it was refreshing to see a few vendors showing off new fan designs, including Zalman, which brought to CES a crop of cooling (and case) products.

Gordon made it over to Zalman’s booth where he was able to see its brand new FX70, a passive heatsink with heatpipes and crinkled fins. Why crinkled? It allows Zalman to increase the surface area of the fins for superior cooling capabilities without taking up a ton of space in your case. If you need additional cooling, you can mount fans to either side. Here’s a look:

Zalman also showed off a brand new fan design with blades that look like thunderbolts. The big feature, however, is a button on the front of the fan that allows you to select your fan speed. Check it out:

Before exiting Zalman’s booth, Gordon caught on camera a couple of new cases. One is a prototype mini ITX case that’s rather large for the form factor, but is intended for enthusiasts who want to use a small mobo but run a lot of hardware. The other case is the Zalman Z15, a bigger chassis with some nifty controls on top. In addition to fan speed controls, you can open up flaps on the top of the case for additional cooling. Take a look:

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