PostHeaderIcon Powercolor Rolls Out Overclocked PCS+ R9 270X Graphics Card

Powercolor PCS+ R9 270XFactory overclocked and custom cooled

Powercolor today announced that it’s given its first R9 Series graphics card the PCS+ treatment, which consists of using in-house materials and a custom cooling design for added performance and stability. The lucky candidate is the Powercolor PCS+ R9 270X. It has 2GB of GDDR5 memory just like the reference design, though Powercolor goosed the GPU to 1060MHz base and up to 1100MHz boost.

The card was built using Powercolor’s Gold Power Kit, which includes a Digital PWM, Ferrite Conducting Power (FCP), and a multiphase design. On top of it all is a PCS+ cooling design consisting of dual 90mm fans, three heatpipes, a large section of cooling fins, and a pure copper base. According to Powercolor, its custom cooler delivers 16 percent lower temps than reference and 20 percent better airflow to keep dust bunnies from settling in.

An optional accessory for the card is Powercolor’s Turbo Timer. This device keeps the graphics card’s fans running for a period time after powering off the PC to ensure all the parts are adequately cooled.

No word yet on when the Powercolor PCS+ R9 270X will be available or for how much.

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