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Earlier this month we launched our YouTube channel. To celebrate, we announced the “One Tool or Tactic, Two Minutes” contest, challenging the SEOmoz community to create a two-minute video highlighting their favorite tool or tactic.

For those who might have missed it, here’s the original YouTube contest post.

The Videos

We were thrilled with the response we got. You guys got creative: we had everything from simple Whiteboard-Friday-style standups to screencasts of tool use to cartoons and fully produced mini-movies.

We also learned a lot about what everyone's focusing on these days. We received a ton of submissions in the Content Marketing and Social Media categories, just a few in the Email/Outreach category, and none at all in the APIs or Google Updates categories (I guess everyone’s finally tired of talking about Panda and Penguin?).

When we first launched the contest, we decided that if there were no submissions in a category, we would name more than one winner in another category so there would still be 9 winners. Even with the ability to have a “tie” in a category, we had so many great submissions that we couldn’t keep the winners to 9.

So without further ado, here are the TEN winners of the SEOmoz YouTube contest. You can see the videos on our YouTube channel at We got lots of requests to see the runners-up too, so in a few days we'll show you the videos that almost made the cut as well.

The Winners

Content Marketing – TIE!

Link Building

Social Media – THREE WAY TIE!


SEO Secrets


Conversion Rate Optimization

In addition to being featured in this post and on our YouTube channel, the winners will also receive some awesome SEOmoz swag!

The Runners-Up

  • Content Siloing by Laurent Bourrelly of
  • SEO Secrets: First in Google by Markus Allen of
  • How to Don't Be Evil by Intrapromote

The editorial team had such a blast watching all of the videos you guys submitted – we love seeing your bright shiny faces and hearing you talk about SEO. We'll definitely be providing more opportunities for you to submit video content in the future, so stay tuned!

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