PostHeaderIcon MyBadOmen’s Mass Effect 3 Case Mod Will Rock Your Intergalactic Socks

Usually, just tossing around the words “Mass Effect 3 mod” is enough to get you banned from Origin’s multiplayer servers before you can blink a Batarian’s eyes. Not in this case; rather than whipping together some modified code to gain XP at an advanced rate, David Lane (a.k.a. MyBadOmen) has instead whipped together a kick-ass ME3-inspired case mod that’s sure to send a shiver down the robotic spines of Reapers galaxy-wide.

Lane based the ME3 mod around a NZXT Switch 810, and its craftsmanship earned him a shout out from company founder Johnny Hou in a blog post. A bevy of sponsors helped Lane build the Normandy SR2 homage from his fortress of solitude (aka an RV in the woods of New Hampshire), including Plextor, EK Waterblocks and NZXT itself.

The interior keeps up the red, white and black ME3 color scheme with a pair of Powercolor Radeon HD 6970s in Crossfire, red fans, and a red- and white-tinged Fatal1ty Professional Series mobo from ASRock. The liquid coursing through the cooling system is a nice red and white mix, too, while the exterior of the case is a mixture of hand-painting and di-noc carbon fiber sheets. There’s even a little Normandy recreation on the liquid cooling reservoir.

Making this masterpiece took a lot of work. You can retrace David’s steps in his epic 100 page-plus build log, which thankfully has an index for quickly jumping to specific updates. A few final touches should be posted soon. Like what you see? We’ve recently outlined all the tools you need to start modding yourself; David’s ME3 build log shows you how to use them.

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