PostHeaderIcon Nvidia 304.48 Beta Drivers Boost Performance and Stamp Out Annoying GTX 600-Series Bugs

Nvidia’s rolled out its latest iteration of beta drivers, and these looks like a must-have for GTX 600-series owners. In addition to the usual performance tweaks and added SLI and 3D Vision profiles for GTX 400, 500 and 600-series cards, the GeForce 304.48 beta drivers pack in fixes for some troublesome problems that have been irking GeForce GTX 600 adopters.

Nvidia’s GeForce blog reports that the update corrects that annoying Adaptive VSync some users were running into, as well as an issue with the Global FXAA settings that turned the text in some programs — such as Windows Live Mail — into an unreadable, anti-aliased mess. Finally, some overclocked GTX 600 owners were finding that the 3xx drivers were forcing their cards into constantly running at idle clock speeds; 304.48 fixes that, too.

Then, there are the performance tweaks, which Nvidia claims can boost the frame rates in some titles by up to 18 percent.

Check out Nvidia’s GeForce blog for a full list of improvements, or wander over to the GeForce beta drivers page to nab 304.48 for your rig.

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