PostHeaderIcon No BS Podcast #184: Kepler, Cameras, Kashyyyk

They liiiiiiiiive! Exactly on schedule, it’s Episode 185 184 of the No BS Podcast! Nathan, Gordon, and Alex are joined by Senior Graphics Card Correspondant and hardware rockstar Loyd Case. 

This month the gang talks about more Kickstarted games, like Shadowrun and Leisure Suit Larry (which is created by Al Lowe, not Rob Lowe as Nathan originally suggested). Also: EA is the worst company ever? 

After the news, tech talk! Loyd goes in-depth about Nvidia’s brand-new GTX 680 cards, which are flying off the shelves. Then we talk about the Nokia Lumia 900 and its chances for success against a crowded field. Later, there’s jawing about Nikon’s brand-new D800 DSLR. 

Also: Mice, mobile gaming, and much, much more. Finally, Gordon’s ranting inevitably turns into an argument about Star Wars canon. 

Next episode goes up May 4th!

Computer trouble? A secret to share? Opinions? Need advice? Just need to get something off your chest?  Email us at or call our 24-hour No BS Podcast hotline at 877.404.1337 x1337–operators are not standing by.


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