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It’s been a little more than a year since we first reviewed the R.A.T. gaming mouse from Mad Catz, and called it the best mouse we’ve ever played with. Since then, there’s been a couple of incremental upgrades to the line (the cordless R.A.T. 9, the white “Albino” R.A.T. the 6400 DPI Contagion Edition), but nothing that fundamentally altered the design. They’re about to do just that, though, and we got to take a sneak peak at the result.

The Cyborg M.M.O. is (for all the terribly bad guessers out there) a version of the R.A.T. designed for MMO gaming. Where the original R.A.T. had 6 programmable buttons, the M.M.O. has 13, plus a shift button and a three-mode toggle, allowing for a maximum of 78 custom bindings per profile.

Also like the original, the M.M.O. has a feature we’ve never seen on a mouse before. Special buttons on either side of the scroll wheel allow you enter “Action Lock” mode, where any right- or left-mouse-button click toggles between the button being in the “up” position and the button being held down. The idea is that you use this feature for MMOs where holding right click causes your character to run forward, or enter mouselook mode. Tri-color indicator LEDs in each mouse button keep you from losing track of whether Action Lock is on or off.

And of course the mouse comes equipped with the latest 6400 DPI sensor—a feature that might be more useful to RTS or FPS gamers. We’ll be looking forward to testing out the M.M.O. for a full review, but so far we like what we see. Check out our gallery of the M.M.O.’s snazzy new paint job below, and less us know what you think of Mad Catz’ latest.


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