PostHeaderIcon Google Teams With Dogfish Head To Create Globe-Trotting "URKontinent" Beer

It’s a pseudo-holiday weekend here in the United States – by that, we mean kids and government employees get the day off, but pretty much everyone else still has to work – and for many folks, that means taking off the tie, sitting down, and cracking open a cold one. Why not let your inner geek shine through even in times of relaxation? No, Linux lovers, we’re not talking about compiling your own ale (it would take too long to enjoy today), we talking about URKontinent, a new beer offered by Dogfish Head – and codeveloped by Google. Is there anything Google won’t dabble in?

According to Dogfish Head’s website, “URKontinent is brewed in the style of a Belgian Dubbel” and it sounds like it offers a global smorgasbord of flavor. The brew includes German, Belgian, Australian, South American, African, European, and North American ingredients; everything from Wattleseed to toasted Amaranth and Californian honey grown from Google’s beehives makes the mix (Psssst – that’s where URKontinent gets its name).  This ain’t no wussy light beer, either; URKontinent clocks in at a relatively room-spinning 8.1 percent ABV.

The two groups collaborated cross-country thanks, in part, to the group video chat function known as Hangout that’s available in the Google+ social media service.

Unfortunately, while URKontinent is inspired by ingredients around the world, it certainly isn’t available globally. You probably won’t even be able to get your lips on a glass if you don’t live in Deleware. The brew’s only available on tap at Dogfish Head’s very own pub, and its only there until (roughly) the 27th of this month. Watch the awesome YouTube video above to get the entire story, thencheck out the URKontinent page at Dogfish’s website.

Thanks to The Register for pointing this out!

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