PostHeaderIcon Sony’s PSN Pass Cripples Content In Used Games

Game makers love stores like GameStop because – duh! – the stores sell their games. There’s one thing game makers don’t like so much about Gamestop, though; the stores often sell the games used. Second-hand sales are great for cash-deficient everyman gamers who can’t afford a $60 diversion, but buying a used game denies the original manufacturer a slice of the profit pie. Sony’s new “PSN Pass” program is geared towards milking more moolah out of used and rental games, placing it alongside EA and THQ at the forefront of the used-games war.

Gamasutra reports that some first-party PlayStation 3 games from Sony will include a special one-time-use code that gamers will need to enter to receive “full online access” to the game. Presumably, players with used or rented games will need to pay to access those same features, neatly tying Sony back into the used-game moneypit. If it sounds familiar, that’s because EA uses a similar model for its releases. Dragon Age 2, for example, included codes for the Black Emporium and Mabari Warhound inside the game’s packaging, but gamers with used copies needed to pony up $10 to download the features (Protip: Save your money).

Resistance 3 will be the first Sony title sporting a PSN Pass when it hits the shelves in September. You’d think Sony would want to attract consumers back to the PS3 with gamer-friendly incentives after the whole “PSN Outage” debacle, but nope — they’re all about the dollah bills, ya’ll.

Image credit: Engadget

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