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Here we are again on Friday, with some interesting links from the Maximum PC official forums

The amazing Maximum PC-commissioned Star Trek-themed build from proceeds apace. Every worklog entry Bill posts has us drooling a little bit more. 

Stark Trek Case Mod - mnpctech

Not to be outdone, ASPHIAX has joined the forum to show off *his* Star Trek-themed mod in progress. This one’s modeled after an Intrepid Mk II starship. 

Eurisko by ASPHIAX


Other posts of interest this week:

Pahhhoul wants to start a career in IT and needs your suggestions, advice, and criticisms.

MattGreer started a fantastic discussion about the value of a bootable USB key, with plenty of recommendations as to what to include. 

Jmcdonald wants to know if his Windows Home Server’s network use is quite normal.

To0002 asks for buying advice on a beginner’s DSLR camera.

This is but a small subsection of the joy that awaits you in the forums. Have a wonderful weekend!




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