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Don’t you hate it when leaked pictures of future products pop up on the web, but they turn out all blurry like a kid with a $10 Kodak snapped the photos? Yeah, we do too, but luckily that isn’t what we have here. Mysteriously manifesting out of the deepest corners of cyberspace are several closeups of MSI’s upcoming Bulldozer board, the 990FX-GD6A.

None of the teaser shots show the whole board at once, though we suppose you could print them out, put them together like a jigsaw puzzle, and fill in the blanks. Or, hop over here for a quick video tour by our own Senior Editor, Gordon Mah Ung, who got his hands on one of the first AM3+ boards every made by, well, methods we’re not at liberty to share ever since Gordon started complaining of being followed on his way to work.

In any event, get your click finger ready and enjoy these non-blurry closeups (click for the full view) which, like the Ultimate Warrior, come from parts unknown!

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