PostHeaderIcon Security Report: Jersey Shore’s "J-Woww" Causes Viruses

It turns out that searching for Jersey Shore’s J-Woww is only slightly less dangerous than looking up music videos. A new security report reveals that both search queries are likely to land you on a malware infested site, and so might looking up facts about President Barrack Obama. Throw Jets coach Rex Ryan in there as well, and the entire NFL too.

As part of Barracuda Labs’ 2010 Annual Security Report, the firm outlined the top 10 search terms that lead directly to malware. They are:

  1. music+video (17 percent)
  2. jenni+jwoww (15 percent)
  3. nfl (10 percent)
  4. mortgage (10 percent)
  5. credit+score (9 percent)
  6. barrack+obama (8 percent)
  7. costco (8 percent)
  8. world+series (8 percent)
  9. rex+ryan (8 percent)
  10. abby+road (7 percent)

Barracuda Labs says that 1 in 1,000 search results lead to malware, and unlike last June, when Google searches accounted for 69 percent of malware, it’s much more evenly distributed this time. Google still leads the charge with 38 percent, followed by Yahoo (30 percent), Bing (24 percent), and Twitter (8 percent).

Ready your PDF reader and view the entire report here.

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