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PostHeaderIcon Most Common Blogging Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Promoting an online business can be easy if you know the tools and techniques to use. One effective way used by internet marketers is blogging. How can you make your online marketing through blogs more effective? Below are ten blogging mistakes you should know to help you avoid committing them:

1) Not being committed

If blogging is just your past time, then you can get away with blogging whenever you feel like it. But if you’re blogging is part of your online marketing technique, commitment is important. See to it that you give time to blogging on a regular basis.

2) Not getting any help

If you’re maintaining a blog for marketing online, consider getting some assistance. Trying to update and optimize your blog alone can a difficult job especially if you have other tasks to attend to. Have another person, or better yet, a team to help you attend to your blogging tasks.

3) Not targeting an audience

Niche blogging is surely the way to go. If your blog is not targeted to a particular niche or audience, it would be too difficult to get the traffic you want.

4) The lack of passion

In reality, if your main purpose for blogging is just to sell your ads, then this won’t take you very far. People will instantly see right through you if your blogs are all about commercials. An Adsense ads on your blog without quality content cannot give you a more positive result.

5) Not being original

Some bloggers rely solely on news feeds from other sources. However, if people can read the same content in your blog that they can find from other places, they will not be convinced to subscribe to your blog. They may not even bother to re-visit you.

6) Not analyzing your website traffic statistics

Your web stats can tell you a lot of information. It can tell you which page of your site most readers like, it can tell you which days you receive more visits, where you hits are coming from, what type of readers go to your site and other important details.

7) Not making the needed changes

Don’t be contented with just the same layout, the same content, and the same structure on your blog. If something’s not working, then have the initiative to make some changes. The adage “there’s always room for improvement” also applies to blogging.

8) Not editing your posts

If you don’t have time to do the editing or you don’t have the editing skills, it is best to hire an editor to do it for you. The role of an editor is to make sure that your posts are free from grammatical errors, typos and punctuation mistakes. It will make your blog more credible and professional.

9) Not using RSS feeds

RSS feeds allow people to get updates from your blog. There are many free feeds on the web that you can use. Make sure that your blog has RSS feeds buttons that your readers can simply click on.

10) Not using keywords on your title tags

Without keywords on your titles, it would be more difficult for search engines to find you. On the other hand, keywords on your title tags allow search engine spiders to crawl on your page and categorize your content easily.

Luie De Von is a marketing consultant with Easy Postcard Marketing and has been providing consumers and business owners with marketing strategies. For years he has helped businesses to have more and growing clients through Postcard Advertising, Marketing Postcard and Business Post Card.

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Most Common Blogging Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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PostHeaderIcon Building Brand Identity – Marketing With Twitter

Twitter, the net’s networking success story, is intriguing and intimidating because of its message limitations: they can be 140 characters, and no more.

This is to say; each message sent on Twitter can be no larger than the previous sentence. Not an additional letter, space, period or dash can be added. These limitations have proven to be the greatest asset and the greatest challenge for people trying to use Twitter for any number of purposes.

On the advantageous side, the short messages have created an entire culture of Twitter-fluent writers. The brevity of the message stretches creative muscles, making people use every trick to get the most information into the fewest characters. On the other hand it creates a severe headache for the marketing minded, as it doesn’t leave much room to present a case. Thus the vast majority of Tweets are short little social comments or updates, and most marketing revolves around calling attention to particular links.

Of course, there are always ways around limitations, and Twitter is something that every seriously market-minded organization needs to embrace in order to see continued success on the web. In the case of short message services like Twitter, the key lies as much in the peripheral data that builds up around the message as in the content itself.

Be SEO Minded

Twitter profiles are now ranked by search engines, Google in particular. Every SEO technique you’ve learned now has a new, exciting purpose.

For example, consider the biography you’re able to construct using Twitter. This is a ripe opportunity to develop some brand recognition right away. Put the title of the brand you’re marketing in the bio, and consider including the most relevant keywords in your profile. As ever, do so in a way that respects the user’s intelligence, and gives them something worth reading. Simply stringing together a chain of keywords is not the way to go.

Include keywords in your Tweets as well, taking care not to be terribly obvious about it. The first 20-30 characters are the best place, as later words are of decreased importance in a Google ranking search.

Identify Your Audience

Each brand rises and falls on the whim of the audience, known in this case as tweeple.

There are a number of applications available to help you with the process of identifying the tweeple that you want to cultivate into an audience. Twitterholic can help you identify the movers and shakers based on their Twitter traffic and their location. If you know your field or brand well, you can use this to locate groups with similar interests and woo them to your feed. Tweepz is a similar tool, focusing on location, and Twitter itself has a ‘near this location’ feature that can be used to identify tweeple nearby your center of business.

Let’s Give Them Something to Tweet About

Yes, Twitter is an effective way to quickly distribute information. But its real power is in its ability to create conversations about something interesting.

In theory you could simply gather up a large user list of tweeple and start spamming them with links promoting your latest gig. This is a surefire way to get flagged for abuse or ignored entirely, and thus is rather counterproductive to good marketing goals.

Instead, consider using alternative methods to drum up those conversations that travel like wildfire.

For example, there is the technique of Alternate Reality Gaming. This is a phenomenon based on the idea of taking ‘real’ events and building a game out of them. Last Call Poker was an ARG that intended to drum up sales for an upcoming video game, GUN.

LCP spread out information about gatherings, online incentives, and other attractions to get people excited about the western theme of the game. Tokens such as poker chips and other goodies were given out at these events, and GUN went on to have a very successful launch. People were invited into the world of the western, and the chatter eventually included 8 million participants.

This kind of rogue advertising is tailor-made to work with Twitter. Locations and dates can easily fall within the 140 character limitation, as can short explanations. Consider creating an ARG with a short story designed to work within 140 characters, locate an audience with the assorted Twitter tools at your disposal, and plan some exciting events to promote your brand. The chance to get involved always gets people talking, and the more esoteric games can span entire continents.

There are other methods, some more appropriate to each individual brand. Perhaps a modest bicycling business isn’t suited to promote a large ARG experience. They could, however, organize a bicycling flash mob by hopping onto the local bike hobbyist twitter feed and posting a date and time. The trick is less which technique you use, and more that you do your best to make it relevant. As always, strong content and clear presentation will win out over gimmicks and sales speak.

Also, consider one last thought. The introductory statements of each section in this article are Twitter compatible, and so is this one. Good luck and happy Tweeting.

About The Author:
Enzo F. Cesario is an online branding specialist and co-founder of Brandsplat, a digital content agency. Brandsplat creates blogs, articles, videos and social media in the “voice” of our client’s brand. It makes sites more findable and brands more recognizable. For the free Brandcasting Report go to or visit our blog at

Read more articles written by: Enzo F. Cesario

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Building Brand Identity – Marketing With Twitter

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PostHeaderIcon Volcanic ash: Your stories of disruption

A flight board at Glasgow airport

Airline passengers are facing massive disruption after an ash cloud from a volcanic eruption in Iceland grounded flights to and from the UK.

Stranded travellers have been sending their stories to BBC News.

Are you affected by the delays and cancellations?using the form at the bottom of this story.

Here are some of your comments:

I was due to travel to Dublin leaving Southampton airport at 0650 (BST). My flight was cancelled along with 90% of the other flights from this airport this morning. I have been placed on the next available flight at approx 1430 this afternoon however there are no guarantees that, that flight will go ahead either!Grant Bradshaw, Southampton

Currently stuck at Abu Dhabi airport, waiting to fly to Manchester. We have no idea how long we will be here.James Pickles, UAE

Birmingham airport staff told us "no flights taking off today and probably not tomorrow either". At 0540 Ryanair staff didn’t seem to know what to tell us and just suggested I wait. I didn’t see the point of hanging around all day so went home.Dave Griffiths, Redditch

Been hanging on to BA call centre now for almost two hours. NATS website has crashed.Alex Simpson, Johnstone, Scotland

Stranded in Atlanta after our Delta Airlines flight was turned back three hours into its journey to Manchester. The Greens, currently in Atlanta

At Schiphol Airport they are handing out badly photocopied A4 letters to passengers like myself, whose flights (Birmingham in my case) have been cancelled, telling them that cancellations for "extraordinary circumstances such as meteorological conditions" are "exempt of compensation payments". Peter Feuilherade, Ironbridge, UK

In this image made available by the Icelandic Coastguard, Wednesday April 14, 2010, smoke and steam rises from the volcano under the Eyjafjallajokull glacier in Iceland, which erupted for the second time in less than a month, melting ice, shooting smoke and steam into the air and forcing hundreds of people to flee rising floodwaters.

Was due to fly back to Heathrow today from Shanghai but both Virgin and BA flights have been cancelled as it is expected that Heathrow will be closed this afternoon. Desperately trying to find other ways home as I have to be back in Peterborough by mid-morning Friday. Going to try via Hong Kong, Frankfurt and hopefully Heathrow will be open early tomorrow! All Hong Kong to London flights fully booked!Mark Hazlehurst, Shanghai, China

I was booked to travel to Iceland tomorrow as a tourist to see the eruption. Looks like it’s coming to me!Alan Simpson, Johnstone, Scotland

We were on a BA flight leaving Los Angeles for Heathrow. We boarded and then 30 minutes later we were told about the situation, and that the flight was delayed indefinitely. We have disembarked and BA have put us up at a hotel at the airport. No eta of rescheduled flight. Many people are really cheesed off about the cancellation – mainly because they feel that we should have never boarded the aircraft.Janet, Preston

I am in Iceland trying to travel back home today. I think it’s going to be a very long day, even if my flight leaves and arrives at Heathrow (it’s already over an hour delayed) my onward flight to Edinburgh doesn’t look like it will be flying. It’s very frustrating.Florence Kennedy, Edinburgh

We were due to fly from Luton airport to Faro at 0645 this morning. When we arrived at Luton at 0430 departure boards were saying flight cancelled. Monarch finally told us at about 0605 that today’s flights were cancelled. We are now back home in north London.Tony Geoghegan, London

My flights were cancelled this morning. I was due to fly from Frankfurt via Heathrow to Aberdeen. BA call centres in the UK are overstretched, Frankfurt airport called this morning recommending not even attempting to fly to Heathrow due to both possible cancellations of England flights as well as chaotic situations at train stations and other public transport. I am now rebooked for Saturday but they also said as long as the volcano carries on erupting, there is no guarantee that flights will go.Anni, Aberdeen

I arrived at East Midlands airport this morning for a flight at 0650 to Amsterdam. I was allowed to check my bags in, then five minutes later the notice that the flight was cancelled came up on the display. There was a large queue at the customer services desk and there was a father and daughter behind me who also had their flight to Paris cancelled. The mood of the people was very angry. However, we were offered a free transfer to another flight or a full refund. All in all, these things happen. We don’t need another Polish plane disaster and sometimes people forget that safety procedures are there for a reason.Bryan Duggan, Leek , England

Our flight from Shanghai to Heathrow today was cancelled due to the ash. I am travelling as part of a group of 40 school students from Twickenham. We were not told of the ash until the departure time came and went, but so far BA have dealt with it excellently. As soon as the flight was cancelled the whole group was bussed together to a decent hotel and lunch was laid on. It has made what could have been a very difficult situation for the teachers, with the group splitting up, no food and no money etc, into a very easy extra night organised by BA. Daniel Kyle, Twickenham, UK

Having experience of the effects of dust upon gas turbine aero-engines, I believe that the hazard has been somewhat overstated. Whilst flying through volcanic dust should be avoided, provided aircraft don’t fly directly through the dust cloud there is no reason to suspend flying activity altogether.Iain Duncan, Ilminster

Have your travel plans been affected by the volcanic ash cloud?

Send your pictures to, text them to 61124 or you have a large file you can upload here.

Read the terms and conditions

At no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws.

This article is from the BBC News website. © British Broadcasting Corporation, The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

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