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PostHeaderIcon Video SEO Provides More Traffic and Higher Conversions

Video SEO is a largely overlooked search marketing strategy. Even as videos continue to gain significant traction in the search engines’ natural listings, most companies either ignore them, or remain completely unaware of their potency. That oversight represents a valuable edge your company can use to leapfrog your competitors in the organic rankings.

The strategy blends traditional search optimization tactics with a relatively new platform. With the rise of YouTube, Revver, Blip, and similar video sites, consumption patterns have driven the search engines to provide these sites with greater ranking authority. As long as your primary objective is clearly established, a video SEO campaign can have a dramatic effect on your exposure in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

In this article, we’ll explain why you should integrate video SEO into your current search marketing strategy. We will also provide a few ingredients that will help you avoid potential pitfalls along the way. Last, you will learn what to look out for when choosing a video SEO company that can drive traffic and conversions.

How Video SEO Improves Your Search Exposure

Before Google released their Universal Search platform in May 2007, their natural listings were dominated by text-based pages. Videos were rare in the top positions. Universal Search changed the way Google displayed their primary index. Google, Yahoo, and Bing now include entries from their respective video search platforms. What’s more, popular video-sharing sites have been given higher ranking authority and increased link weight (we’ll describe this latter point in a moment).

Video SEO gives you greater exposure in the search engines through two levers. First, it caters to the algorithm used for Universal Search. By allowing syndication of your videos to authoritative video-sharing sites, you will enjoy more exposure through their increased ranking authority. In effect, those sites will rank higher, drawing more people to your videos.

Second, videos that are placed on your site (as opposed to syndicating them) attract links – both directly and indirectly. As your videos gain popularity, direct links will naturally build, pointing to the pages on your site that host the videos. Indirect links will point from other sites whose owners have embedded your videos. As a result, your inbound link profile will continue to grow and strengthen, lifting your site higher within the search engines’ organic listings.

3 SEO Video Tips To Capture Higher Search Positions

  1. Your video SEO campaign can only be effective if you recognize the limitations of the search engines. First, their algorithms cannot read lips. In order to rank for your target keywords, they must be available to the search engines’ spiders in text form. If you’re placing videos on your site, optimize your titles and surrounding text, and include an edited transcript of the video. If you’re syndicating them, optimize your external titles and tags.
  2. Second, focus on inbound links. An effective video SEO campaign relies on contextually related links pointing from a wide breadth of sites. Videos that spark a groundswell of attention – whether through entertainment, information, or controversy – can achieve this easily.
  3. Third, integrate a social media sharing component. You want viewers to share your videos with their friends on Facebook. You want them to “Tweet” about your videos on Twitter. You want them to bookmark your videos on StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious. These social media sites can form the backbone of your video SEO campaign, driving waves of inbound links to your site.

Key Factors In Choosing A Video SEO Company

Traditional search optimization is a mature strategy. SEO specialists have honed their craft for more than a decade. By contrast, video SEO is still an evolving science. Even though it leverages the core tenets of a traditional optimization campaign, the rise of social media and video-sharing sites has infused video SEO with enormous complexity. Hiring a video SEO company removes the need to keep up with the roiling landscape. The key is using the right criteria to identify a proficient firm.

A professional video SEO company should have an established track record that shows a keen grasp of the search engines’ organic algorithms. That track record should also demonstrate an ability to evolve as the algorithms change. Many search optimization experts were completely unprepared for the debut of Universal Search. By extension, so too, were their clients.

Leveraging Video SEO For More Traffic And Higher Conversions

A carefully executed video SEO campaign can sharply increase your exposure within the search engine’s natural listings. When implemented as a component of a multi-pronged search engine marketing campaign, it can drive more targeted traffic to your site. Targeted traffic translates into higher conversions. If you are not yet utilizing video SEO for your site, your current organic rankings may be more vulnerable than you realize.

About the Author:

With 20 years in marketing, advertising and 10 years in internet marketing, Rostin Reagor Smith is on the cutting edge. Combining Social Media Optimization with more traditional SEO and SEM methods, RRS is a consulting firm specializing in enhancing clients’ online presence and managing their public relations online. SEO, SEM and ORM, Online Reputation Management, are combined in this successful formula.

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Video SEO Provides More Traffic and Higher Conversions

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PostHeaderIcon eBay Selects Click Forensics to Fight Click Fraud

eBay has tapped Click Forensics to help them fight fraudulent clicks and low quality traffic on their site.

“It is crucial that we deliver the highest quality traffic to our advertising partners, and working with Click Forensics will help ensure that we are doing just that,” said Alexis Van De Wyer, director of advertising at eBay Inc.

The relationship will affect the eBay Partner Network and the eBay AdCommerce Unit. AdCommerce allows merchants to buy cost-per-click (CPC) ads that are triggered by keyword searches.

“eBay is committed to delivering the highest quality traffic to its advertiser merchants,” said Paul Pellman, CEO of Click Forensics, Inc. “We look forward to collaborating closely with eBay to continually improve and enhance both our platforms for the benefit of online advertisers.”

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Article Source: The Only Yard For The Internet Junkie
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PostHeaderIcon On Page Search Engine Optimization

SE-TacticsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a fine science. Tweaking, changing, and measuring is all part of the ongoing optimization process. SEO truly is a process that requires constant monitoring and attention. In order for a website to perform well, its managers and webmasters must adapt their SEO techniques as the search engine algorithms change.

Use the following “on-page” optimization techniques to improve your website’s search engine ranking…

1. Keywords In Domain Names

Include important keywords in webpage domain names and sub-domain names, which can improve the page ranking for those specific keywords or phrases.

2. Keywords In Meta Tags

Including keywords in the Title and Description Meta Tags for the webpage will also help search engine ranking for that specific keyword or phrase.

3. Keywords In Headers On Page

Including keywords in the H1 and H2 Header tags, and using “bold” to emphasize words deemed important, will also assist search optimization.

4. Quality Of Content

Generating quality content that uses keywords “naturally” in the text will help search engines contextualize your website.

5. Quantity Of Content

The content on a webpage must be a reasonable length. It is recommended that articles contain 400-600 words, and standard text on a webpage should contain a minimum of 250 words.

6. Page Displayed Using HTML

The webpage should use HTML to display the website’s content. This will insure that the webpages are easily spidered by the search engines. Avoid using complex scripting or frames, as those features will inhibit the search engine spider’s ability to follow links and will limit your SEO benefit.

7. Themed

The content of a website, and the pages within the website, should all be related.

8. No Broken Links

Broken links tell search engines that a website is not current or well-maintained, so be sure to keep your links up-to-date and valid. Remove any links that no longer function properly.

9. Outgoing Links To Good Neighborhoods

Be sure that any outgoing links to external sources are linking only to reputable websites.

10. Domain Extension

When registering a domain name, try to stick with the standard conventions. For example, .com, .edu, .org, and .net are the most desirable. If you are targeting a specific region, regional domains can also be helpful in local searches.

11. Age Of Domain

The domain age can influence its “trustworthiness”, and older domains typically gain more favor with search engines.

12. Navigation

The website’s navigation can also impact search ranking. Create sub-directories or folders that contain related groupings of pages. This is common with directory structures, and is an architecture that search engines are familiar with and tend to favor.

13. Image ALT Tags

Use keywords in the ALT tag attribute to describe the purpose of any image or graphic located on a webpage.

All “On-Page” optimization factors are under the control of the webmaster. “Off-Page” optimization, on the other hand, is not nearly as easy to control. Read “Optimizing Optimization, Part 2: Off-Page Optimization” for additional details regarding off-page SEO techniques.

Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.

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On Page Search Engine Optimization

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