PostHeaderIcon NACA’s Save the Dream Tour Tops 315,000 Participants in 7 Cities

We’ve been following NACA’s Save the Dream Tour this year. The first three cities were featured in a case study at SES San Jose 2009 during the How to Optimize for Search & Engage the Community session as well as at the Social Media & Video Strategies Forum during the What Works: Best Practices / Case Studies for Online Video session.

Since then, NACA has held Save the Dream events in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Las Vegas — and is currently in the middle of an event at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, which will run through Tuesday, October 20.

NACA’s Save the Dream has been an incredible success with over 315,000 participants at the first seven cities, with many thousands having their mortgage restructured with interest rates permanently reduced to as low as 2%. Although there has been some skepticism about how they can do this, NACA has legally binding agreements with all the major lenders/servicers to achieve this.

I spent Friday and Saturday at the Cow Palace to see the event for myself. And I’ve decided to feature an update of their case study at SES Chicago 2009.

To date, NACA has issued 15 optimized press releases about NACA Save the Dream events in eight cities. These press releases have 2,120,603 headline impressions and 32,596 full page reads, according to PRWeb.

The documentary video about NACA’s Save the Dream tour has only 2,920 views. But it has helped to generate coverage more than 29 stories on local TV stations.

NACA’s campaign includes press release optimization, YouTube video, blog outreach, media relations, and Twitter marketing. Through the end of September, it had generated 363 posts, 300 tweets, 21 mainstream news stories, and 7 YouTube videos.

To get a sense of what these stories are saying, read: “The American Dream is not lost- NACA stages Save The Dream Events” by Clifford Wright in the LA Baptist Examiner. Or read “Thousands at Cow Palace seeking mortgage help” by Carolyn Said of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bruce Marks, NACA’s founder and CEO, was profiled by ABC News on Nightline Sept. 5, 2009. And CBS Evening News with Katie Couric featured a story by Anthony Mason entitled, “Homeowner Hero’s War on Banks,” on Friday evening, Oct. 16, 2009.

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Subtitled, “The American Spirit: One Man’s Crusade to Help Others Restructure Loans,” Mason’s story says, “With at least one in every 136 homes at risk of foreclosure, one man has persuaded some mortgage holders to renegotiate with borrowers.”

According to Compete, there were 724,305 unique visitors to in July, August and September 2009, more than double the 361,764 unique visitors to the site in April, May and June 2009, and almost triple the 270,486 unique visitors to in July, August and September 2008.

Oh, and all those visitors arrived before the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric ran it’s story last Friday. And if the five-day San Francisco event attracts 60,000 participants, which is how many the five-day Atlanta event did, then NACA’s 8-city Save the Dream Tour will have attracted 375,000 participants.

That’s an amazing story for a national non-profit community advocacy and homeownership organization. I’m just grateful that they’re letting me help them tell it.

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