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Here’s some WordPress plugins I’ve found very useful. You can go to the individual pages to find the download links and more information. Most of the plugins are available as a free version. With a small fee, you can get the premium version with all the additional features.

Article Autoposter

Article auto poster

The Article Autoposter is a powerful and easy to use plugins for all WordPress weblogs, allowing you to add interesting articles covering every topic you might ever think of to your blog automatically.

Amazon Autoposter

Amazon auto poster

Amazon Autoposter is a free and easy to use plugins for WordPress weblogs that allows users to post products from on their blog automatically and earn money using Amazon’s affiliate program.

eBay Autoposter

eBay auto poster

eBay Autoposter is a free and easy to use plugins for WordPress weblogs that allows users to post auctions from eBay to their weblog automatically on any keyword they specify and earn money using eBay’s affiliate program.

Shopping Pages

Shopping pages

With the free WordPress plugins WP Shopping Pages you can add powerful shopping pages related to your niche to your weblog, which will help you monetize and promote your blog. Your shopping pages will feature the most popular products from related to the keyword you choose.

Yahoo Answers Autoposter

Yahoo! answers auto poster

The Yahoo Answers Autoposter is a free plugins for WordPress weblogs which automatically posts questions and answers from Yahoo answers to your blog on any keyword you choose.

Onlywire Multi Autosubmitter

Onlywire auto submitter

The onlywire multi autosubmitter is a free plugins for WordPress weblogs, which allows you to submit all your posts to many different social bookmarking websites, including Digg, Reddit, delicious and Mixx, through the Onlywire service automatically.

Clickbank Widget

Clickbank widget

Clickbank Widget is a free and easy to use WordPress plugins that can add targeted ads for Clickbank products to your sidebar to help you monetize your weblog.

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