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K3 Reloaded WordPress theme snapshot preview

It’s been my ambition for a long time now, I wish to create my own theme for my sites that used the WordPress blogging platform. And now my dream has come true! I’ve just finished creating my first and only theme. And now I’m releasing it to the world. Enjoy!

Just now, I’ve finished uploading the ZIP file to theme directory. And now I’m waiting for the email confirmations. They said that they will email me their confirmations after my theme has been reviewed. I hope that they will accept it. :angel:

I’ll put the link to the theme directory at after my theme has been accepted. In the meantime, if you’re eager to give it a go, you can get it here at my download page.

For more information about the theme, you can visit my official theme page here. You can see a snapshot preview of the theme and there’s a link to the DEMO site in there.

If you have any questions about the theme usage, please leave your comment at the theme page. :wink:

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