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Mark Thompson

The BBC could share its iPlayer technology with the likes of ITV and Channel 4, director general Mark Thompson has said.

The idea is part of a package of proposals designed to help the UK’s public service broadcasters after the switch to digital TV.

The BBC could also allow other networks to use its local news facilities.

Mr Thompson said the BBC should “share the benefits of its scale and security with the rest of the industry”.

He added: “Through partnerships I believe broadcasters can help secure the future of public service broadcasting in this country.”

At the moment, ITV, Channel 4 and Five produce public service broadcasting in exchange for free access to the airwaves.

Channel 4 tie-up

But after the switch to digital TV, which will be complete by 2012, they will have compete with scores of other media organisations and will find it harder to produce a wide range of programmes.

The proposal means other TV networks could use the technology the BBC has designed, to create their own versions of the iPlayer.

The iPlayer allows viewers and listeners to catch up on programmes they may have missed, up until a week after broadcast.

A partnership between BBC Worldwide – the corporation’s commercial arm – and Channel 4 has also been suggested by the corporation.

The BBC will also no longer charge newspapers and magazines for printing its television listings, and will also talk to newspapers about sharing content.

It says its proposals will be worth £120million a year to public service broadcasters by 2014

This article is from the BBC News website. © British Broadcasting Corporation

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