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Well? What if I told you that you can drop much more faster than you used to, would you believe me? Try this for a change.

Download The EntreCard Bookmarks. (Note the updated date)

First you need to get Firefox . I think you already know that Firefox browser works faster than any other browser out there, am I right? Plus, there are a lot of add-ons out there to make it even more faster than it should.

Then you need to get this add-ons called NoScript and install it. Why do you need that? Well, for starter, have you ever got bored with all of those links around the EntreCard widget that pops up some sort of windows or snapshots when you’re trying to click the "Drop" button and the popup windows keeps blocking the "Drop" button? It’s like a land mine. All of the link bomb laying around it, if you makes a wrong move, BOOM!!! a popups windows will appear. This add-ons can fixed that annoying stuff from appearing and it will load the sites much faster when it blocked all those annoying scripts. Here’s how you should configure NoScript. You’ll find this in the NoScript options.

And you have to add "" and "" in the whitelist!

Here’s the best part, disable all the image. If you’re a "Power Dropper" then you’ll love this. You know how much time you save when you disable that? A lot!!! Imagine that you’re loading a photography site, how long will it takes to load the sites with all the image? How can you do that? Here’s how. In Firefox, click "Tools" then "Options" and you’ll get this.

Deselect the option "Load images automatically" then click the "Exceptions" and add "" and "" then click "Allow" because we need to allow the images from EntreCard. We don’t want to block it. Other than that, it will be blocked.

And the last tips, if you’re using your "Inbox" to drop your card then you should probably stop right here. But if you finished dropping from your "Inbox" and haven’t reach your 300 daily limit then continue using this method to fill it all. Use a bookmark! Not just a bookmark, but an organized bookmark. How does it work? Well, for the first time, it’s going to take a while to organized it. Once you’re finished organizing it then your drop will be much faster than before, I promise you that. First create a new folder in your bookmark and name it "Top Right" and in that folder create 10 folder groups in it. Do you see where I’m going here? Then create another folder and name it "Top Left" and "Scroll Right" and "Scroll Left" and "Bottom Right" and finally "Bottom Left" and create 10 folder groups in each of those folder just like the previous one.

Now, go on and bookmark your favorites sites. See where the widget is and bookmark it and arrange it in a proper category. If the sites have the widget on the top right then save it in the "Top Right" category folder. Go figure! Bookmark all you want, and save at least 20 or 30 sites in your folder group so that you can open it all at once later. So, how is that going to make you drop faster? Simple, you’ll know where the widget is located without having to search for it everytime you load a site. How much time have you wasted there when you’re searching for the widget when you’re not using an organized bookmark?

To make your life easier or if you’re lazy enough or you’re screwed and don’t know how to create your own organized bookmark, here’s an organized bookmark that I’ve saved using my "Inbox" for the past couple of weeks.

Download The EntreCard Bookmarks. (Note the updated date)

Save the file and import it to your Firefox bookmarks.

So, did it change your dropping style? Did you drop much faster than you used to? You got a better way to do it? please, do tell us about it. I’m eager to hear it. If you want to make a badge for this and link it to this post, be my guest.

*** UPDATE ***

Another updated tips that I forgot to mention. When you’re using Firefox and open the bookmarks using the "Open All in Tabs" it will open all the sites in multiple tabs. To close down the multiple tabs, use CTRL+F4 or CTRL+W (Windows user) after you click the "Drop" button. That way, you don’t have to move your mouse over the "x" close tabs button. Just focus your mouse to the "Drop" button and let your other hand do the CTRL+F4 clicking to close down the tabs.  That will surely speeds up your dropping for sure. :w00t:

*** Another Update ***

So, how to import the bookmarks? Here’s a simple guide.

In your Firefox "Bookmarks" menu, select "Organize Bookmarks…" or you can press the shortcut key CTRL+SHIFT+B and it will open this window.

See that? Select the "Import HTML…" and this window will pops!

Now, select "From an HTML File" and click "Next" then select the "EC-bookmarks.html" file that you’ve just downloaded and click "Open" and you’re done! Check your bookmark and see if there’s a new category named "EntreCard Bookmarks" :wink:

*** Yet another Update ***

You can find some useful keyboard shortcuts to use with Firefox here.

Firefox keyboard shortcuts for Windows users. :blink:

Firefox keyboard shortcuts for Linux users. :devil:

Firefox keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS users. :happy:

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26 Responses to “How fast can you drop? EntreCard dropping tips and tricks”

  • Maria says:

    Thanks for this guide! It gave me the idea to install a new Firefox in a different folder just for EC. Sure, I don’t hit 300 everyday, but this method would help.

    Marias last blog post… Bad People?

  • Pandu Cari Duit says:

    Thanks for the info. It’ll help me to browse 300 EC blog easily. I installed it on my Firefox.

  • Adieska says:

    Great tricks friends… I never touch 200 Drops count daily and I’ll try this method to get 300 EC credits from drop :D

    Adieskas last blog post… Hitung-Hitungan BackLink Untuk Mendapatkan PageRank

  • Deborah Katy says:

    Hi there,
    I tried, that is frustrationg me… everytime I download and install firefox the internet explorer loose all it´s complements, and I try to get them back on the settings but can´t. Do you have any clue why this happens?

    Deborah Katys last blog post… THE BEST PTC SITES!!!

    • JYDC Admin says:

      Do you mean that you can’t download Firefox using IE? :shocked:
      You can try and download it using a separate software like a download manager or something else. There’s a lot of FREE download manager software out there. Try Google for it.

  • Deborah Katy says:

    Wow, ur fast :)
    I downloaded firefox and installed it. But I had an add on on IE that is a toolbar called MJtunes, it´s a radio that plays MJ songs. It simply disappeared from my IE and I had to install it on firefox now. I have no clue all the add ons of IE disappear everytime I install firefox. I tried to install and unistall several times to see and always the same.

    • JYDC Admin says:

      I see, I’ve never heard an issue like that before. :ermm:
      As far as I know, Firefox installation would not affect other browsers settings. Maybe there’s something wrong somewhere. :ninja:

  • revenue says:

    Thanks for this idea, i hope it can help to make a fast dropping in one day :)

    revenues last blog post… The Power of commenting – video

  • gsmith says:

    Hey, great information, thanks! Really speeds things up.

    gsmiths last blog post… Terrorist Screening Database – The Terrorist Watch List

  • great post. you really helped me a lot and for sure i would be able to save more time in dropping :D

    Hussein | Random Blogs last blog post… Read SEOmoz and Rank Better

  • hi!thank u for this tips..i have followed the instruction..except the last one.. I saved the file(july 22 updated) and imported it to my firefox bookmark but when I opened it, it didn\’t open by windows but only the file you gave (1page only).please help me!thank you!

    • JYDC Admin says:

      Emm, how did you import it to your Firefox bookmark? Or did you just click the file and open it in Firefox?

      If you just click the file then it will open the file as a single HTML file with all the links in one page, am I right? If you got that, then you didn’t properly import it to your bookmark. :lol:

      I’ll update the post later and show you how to properly import the file in your bookmark. :wink:

  • Gary Jones says:

    Instead of CTRL + F4, use CTRL + w instead – it’s less painful on the fingers.
    I’d started to get some organised bookmarks, but I’d got folders for Above Slow (above the fold, but slow loading), Below Fold (scrolling), and all the normal cards. I think that your folder names make more sense though :)
    Some good tips about turning images and other scripts off – would be good to be able to start Firefox in a “Entrecard Dropping” format, where these tips are already enabled, but still also be able to use a different shortcut to start Firefox normally? Maybe someone could create a plugin that allows toggling between the two?

    Latest blog post… Some template fixes

    • JYDC Admin says:

      Thanks for the info. (CTRL+W) I’ll update the post later with all the shortcuts for Firefox. :wink:

      The image have to be turned ON/OFF manually I think? :ermm:

      If you want to allow scripts to be run normally, you can right click the NoScript “S” icon and select “Allow scripts Globally (dangerous)” and it will allow all the scripts to be executed. Firefox will load the scripts as if NoScript is not installed at all. :ninja:

      • TiLT says:

        Thanks for the great tips…especially that last comment – I was trying to figure out how to turn it off for normal useage…anytime there is a “global” option, it makes me weary (and with a ‘dangerous’ no less)…good to know it’s just like an on/off

      • JYDC Admin says:

        Great it could help. You can also select “Temporarily allow all this page” instead of the “global” options. You should only allow scripts to run on a trusted sites that you know. Make sure you turn it back on if you’re visiting a new unknown site for your safety.
        Just for your info. Usually a warez/cracking/porn sites will execute malicious scripts to infect you with their virus. :angry:

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