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Another days goes by and there’s SPAM all over the place. :angry:
Have you ever got tired of deleting all of those SPAM? Well, I’ve found a cure! :w00t:
It eliminates all the SPAM and I don’t have to see it anymore. No more deleting or editing the SPAM comments. I’ve found this great plugins that works with WordPress and some other platform like phpBB, vBulletin, SMF, Typepad etc.

Igor Berger is the author of the plugins and he is the president of IVB IT SOLUTIONS . He has created this wonderful plugins called PHSDL ™ that will remove all the SPAM in your comments. For example, If the posting message is flaged with a SPAM domain, the poster is redirected to Project Honeypot Spam Domains Hot List with a warning that the Spammer domain has been caught! So it will not appear in our blog SPAM list. That makes my life much more easier. No more SPAM to delete, it’s just not there to be deleted. :lol:
You can give it a try here. Just put any of the domain listed in the Project Honeypot Spam Domains Hot List in your comment here and you’ll see what I mean. :devil:

To find out more about this technology and how it can help you, you can visit the PHSDL ™ documentation page. This page will tell you where and how you can get it and install it at your own sites. And if you used it, please put a link to PHSDL ™ in your footer, like I did. :cool:
Because I’m using it and it shows my support to the wonderful plugins. :wink:

*** UPDATE ***

If you’re using a WordPress blog and would like to use this plugins at you blog, you can mail me your request here at admin@JunkieYard.Com but if you’re not using a WordPress blog then you can mail your request to the PHSDL Admin at the PHSDL ™ documentation page. And please include your blog URL where you want the plugins to be installed in your mail. :wink:

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12 Responses to “Protect Your Sites from SPAM!!!”

  • PHSDL says:

    JYDC, thank you for the Thumbs up. It feels really good to develop a product that will help Webmasters and Bloggers fight Spam.

    Only real Spam domains go on the list. Malware domains and redirect domains. I do not want this list to block commenters that posted an off topic comment with a URL.

    Akismet does that. Akismet Spam list is built by Yahoo Bloggers who are not really dedicated Blogers in the Bloggerspear. If they are not happy with your opinion you go on Akismet Spam list.

    So not only PHSDL fights Spam that hurts your ranking in search engines and makes you work hard deleting it, PHSDL also helps support Blogging as controversial, engaging, and Freedom of Speach activism.

    The PHSDL Anti-Spam filters is available to all Bloggers free of charge. I did not code this project to make money and will try to keep it free for everyone to enjoy. As more users sign up, I may charge a small fee to cover the server bandwidth cost. Also if your Blog is very popular and you get many, many hits every day, I may ask you for a small contribution to cover the server cost.

    But overall I intend to keep it free.

    Please ask me or JYDC if you would like to implement it on your blog.

    Thank you,

    • JYDC Admin says:

      First of all, thanks for your informative comment. And for all the readers, you’ve heard it from the author himself what the plugins can do. We, as a blogger, are fighting with SPAM not commentators. So, if you want to stop the SPAM, all you have to do is ask :wink:

    • Admin and Igor, thanks for giving important information on this topic. I was not very happy with Akismet lately, as I had to manually un-approve many spam comments. I think I would give this a try and write about it on my blog very soon so 100s of bloggers know about it. If you guys think I would need your help in installing it, please drop by my blog and I will appreciate that.

      • JYDC Admin says:

        You can mail me your request if you want it. I’ll send you the code and the instructions to set it up. It’s quite easy I think. :cool:

  • Susanne F says:

    Thanks just what I needed. :smile:

    Have been using SpamKarma in the past but it messes up with my magazine theme. :cwy:

    Susanne Fs last blog post… Get Backlinks to Your Squidoo Lenses & Hubpages

    • JYDC Admin says:

      If you’re using a WordPress Blog and want to give it a try, give me a shout at my email and I’ll send you the code with the insturctions. But if you’re using other then WordPress then you can contact Igor the author at the PHSDL ™ documentation page. :ninja:

      *** EDIT ***

      Oops, forgot to add this. This plugins works well with Spam Karma. This plugins will detect the bad domain in your comment and if it got a bad domain in your comment then it will stop that comment from being submitted at all. But if there’s no bad domain in the comment, then Spam Karma will take it from there. As you can see that I’m using it both. :lol:

  • Van says:

    Hi, Does it work with Joomla ?

    • JYDC Admin says:

      “PHSDL ™ technology can be used for phpBB, vBulliten, SMF, WordPress, Typepad, etc.
      for free under our GUN license for noncommercial usage or for small businesses.”

      It says etc. (Maybe Joomla is in there too) :happy:
      You can try and ask the author at his PHSDL ™ documentation page. You’ll find the contact info there. As far as I know, phpLD (php Link Directory) is also in the etc. There’s a lot of other platform that’s not listed there, maybe because it’s too many to be listed in a single page. The right thing to do is ask the author himself. :wink:

  • Van says:

    I’ll try to test it, thank you for your tips.

  • ThemeLib says:

    I am very tired of spam :(

  • liz says:

    Wow this is awesome I can find out so much at your blog. Keep up the great post!!!!!!!!!

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