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New Contest Found!!!

EntreCard users who love running contest (like me) must participate this one… :) FREE 5000 EC giveaway… And you got 50 EC for just entering this contest… COOL!!!

And there’s also a 100 EC giveaway for a Lucky Dropper everyday… YES!!! EVERYDAY…

BOMB drop? LOL… It’s not a real bomb though… It’s an EntreCard BOMB… You’ll get thousands of drops in a day like a bomb is dropping at your site… That’s what it is…

Now… In this contest I have to do some things to get that free EC credits… First I need to brag about my experience using the EntreCard system as you can see that I’m bragging about it already… :) Then I need to name one blog on the EntreCard network that I find exciting and why I like it… Emm… I would say this blog here @ and you can see why just by looking at the URL… It’s a Healthy lifestyle and the most effective solution to get a healthy life… All about health and how to maintain your health… That’s why I like it… A healthy way to get a healthy life… OK then… Back to the contest… Now I have to brag more about this contest… (I think I already did) And then the last one is to comment here at this post which I’m going to do after I finished publishing this post… And don’t forget the Requirements: place the 125 x 125 banner button on your blog… That’s it…

Here’s the link to the original post… Make sure you visit it and read all about it and then you can join in the contest if you want to… FREE EC credits… Don’t you want that? I want that for sure… :)

EntreCard Review – 5000 EC Giveaway

March 24, 2008

*UPDATE* Get 50EC when you enter this contest, even if you didn’t win :)

This is our 2nd contest. Our 1st contest the Lucky Dropper 100 EC Giveaway is still on. Keep them coming :) Now, for this contest, you’ll have to:

Blog about your experience using the EntreCard system – how it benefits your blog, how you met new cyber friends, whatever.
Name one blog on the EntreCard network that you find exciting and why.
Mention about us (optional)
Leave your post URL in the comment box

Requirements: place our 125 x 125 button banner on your blog (codes available at the bottom of our sidebar)

Prize: The winning post will walk away with 4000 EntreCredits. The blog which is mentioned in the winning post will walk away with 1000 EntreCredits. How about that? We think it’s cool.

Contest ends April 15th, 2008

Lucky Dropper – 100 EC Giveaway

March 20, 2008

We are starting a campaign, and we’re giving away 100 EntreCredits to one lucky dropper, EVERYDAY. Yes, you heard it right. EVERYDAY. Not only that, the lucky dropper will also be featured in out Drop A Bomb section. You don’t have to write a review, or put us in your blogroll or anything… though that would be nice, it’s not necessary. All you have to do is, drop on our EC widget like you would normally do. That’s it. Piece of cake. We will pick the winner randomly. Check Drop A Bomb daily to see the winner. It could be you! Good luck.

Drop A Bomb!

Just click on the ‘Drop A Bomb!’ to visit the blog, and drop on it’s widget. It’s that simple :) The idea is to get as many people to drop on the featured blog, like it’s been dropped by a bomb! It’s one way for you to discover new blogs. And you might get drop back from the site as well. Site is chosen randomly from the Last Droppers list, and if chosen, 100 EntreCredits will be credited to your account! Your site might be featured next, so don’t forget to drop here EVERYDAY!

Latest Droppers

Drop on our widget and get listed here :)
And one lucky dropper will win 100 EntreCredits… EVERYDAY!
If you’re not so lucky today, come drop again tomorrow, you might get lucky then, who knows :)
Don’t forget to check the rest of the droppers site while you’re here…

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