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Visible ContrastThe slickest side panel you’ve ever seen

If you look closely at the thumbnail, you’ll see what looks like the Windows Start Menu overlaid on some computer parts. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. This month’s Rig of the Month is centered around an incredibly basic, but undeniably awesome idea. Chris “Mosquito” Albee from installed an LCD panel—minus the backlight—into the side of a white NZXT H230 case. The result is simply incredible.

It’s not the most practical idea, but it looks spectacular and makes us want OEM cases with embedded LCD screens. Chris says that the modded display is transparent when displaying white pixels and can act as a regular case window if needed. Lighter colors are still slightly see-through and the combination of light and dark creates a stunning effect. This contrast between opaque and transparent was the inspiration for the mod’s name: Visible Contrast.

“One fun use for the transparent LCD panel is the ability to use a utility like Rainmeter to overlay usage and temperature data directly over the various components of the case,” Chris says. “It’s also a pretty cool conversation piece as well in its own right; especially when you have a black and white video looping on it.”

Inside the case, an Intel Core i7-4770K running at 4.8GHz sits alongside 16GB of G.Skill Sniper RAM, an MSI GTX 650 Ti Boost, and a terabyte of total storage. After some internal modifications, Chris also managed to stick a 240mm radiator inside to support a custom water cooling loop for the CPU. 

Have a case mod of your own that you would like to submit to our monthly feature? Make sure to read the rules/tips here and email us at with your submissions.

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