PostHeaderIcon Microsoft Had Windows 7 Running on Arm Two Years Ago

WOAMany have claimed that Microsoft’s Windows on Arm efforts were a direct reaction to the iPad, and while I’m sure that’s the motivation these days, it turns out Microsoft had the idea long before the first Apple tablet ever shipped. In a recent post on the building Windows 8 blog, several Windows on Arm details leaked out, along with a pair of photos showing Windows 7 running on an Asus smartphone. Careful examination of the EXIF data shows the pictures were taken on January 22nd 2010, several months before the iPad was released.

Windows 8 ARM tablets are a bit late to the party at this point, but at least now we know Microsoft has been hard at work adapting Windows for years now, and not simply ignoring market trends as some have speculated.  

Incompetence and lollygagging should not be confused here folks.   

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