PostHeaderIcon iSuppli: Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting on SSDs to Replace HDDs

Market research firm iSuppli is the bearer of bad news, that is if you’re rooting for solid state drives (SSDs) to knock their mechanical brethren from the storage throne. According to iSuppli, even though SSDs made some inroads into a handful of influential segments, they aren’t likely to replace HDDs in key storage sectors anytime soon.

By the time 2010 comes to a close, SSDs will have tripled their penetration rates in both the enterprise server and desktop markets. Sounds impressive, but even after tripling up, SSDs still will only account for 1.7 percent (enterprise) and 1.2 percent (desktop). Even among notebooks, where SSD penetration is the highest, these drives will account for 2.3 percent of the storage market.

“SSDs will continue to make inroads into these three target markets (enterprise, desktops, notebooks) from 2009 to 2014 — each segment proceeding at its own rate, but all showing an unmistakable pattern of growth,” iSuppli notes. “Yet, SSDs pose no threat at all to the dominion of HDD. While SSD shipments will reach 7.2 million units in 2010, HDD shipments will total a mammoth 662 million.”

As always, the roadblock for SSDs is price. According to iSuppli, the OEM cost of a 256GB notebook SSD in October was nearly $400, compared to a 320GB notebook HDD that sells for less than $50.

“All told, iSuppli does not expect SSD to threaten HDD dominance in the overall PC, server, and storage markets within the next five years,” iSuppli said.

Image Credit: Kotaku

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