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Nouri Maliki

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi’s bloc has won the most seats in Iraq’s parliamentary elections.

His coalition had two seats more than that of incumbent PM Nouri Maliki, officials said, in what was seen as a surprise result in the 7 March poll.

Earlier, the UN’s envoy to Iraq described the election as "credible" and urged Iraqis to accept the results.

Mr Allawi will need to form a coalition government as he lacks a majority, amid fears the results may spark violence.

Just hours before the results were announced, twin bomb blasts in the town of Khalis, in Diyala province, killed at least 40 and left more than 60 injured.

‘Far from final’

In his first public response to the figures released by the electoral commission, Mr Maliki challenged the result, saying that it was far from being final.

He repeated his call for the electoral commission to recount the vote and added that his bloc would press ahead with plans to form the new government.

The BBC’s Andrew North in Baghdad says this looks like a spectacular victory for Mr Allawi and a big upset for Mr Maliki – but at 91 seats to 89 it was a very tight race.

And with Mr Maliki’s party making allegations of irregularities, there are still concerns over whether the result will be accepted, our correspondent says.

On Thursday the head of Iraq’s election commission ruled out holding a manual recount of all the votes cast.


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