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Truveo, the video search site acquired by AOL a few years back, has relaunched. Before we get into the details, let’s be clear: Truveo is not a YouTube wannabe. Their focus is purely on indexing video around the web.

So, now that we have that settled, let’s take a look at what’s changed and then how you can incorporate this fast-growing site into your online marketing and PR efforts.

First up, here’s the before and after:





As you can see, they’ve made the focus on search quite obvious.

The results page is laid out in three columns. On the left hand side is a list of sites where results have been indexed. In the middle are the video results, with tabs to sort by popularity and other factors. There are suggestions for search refinement where applicable. On the right is a display ad box with a focus on a particular channel underneath.


But looking at the results, where is the opportunity for search marketers? There’s the display ad box, but no sponsored listings.

Leveraging Truveo will instead involve public relations and viral marketing. Since many of the sites that Truveo indexes are news sites, earned media is key. Additionally, Truveo tracks popular videos shared via Twitter, so word of mouth and viral social media marketing can help with getting visibility on Truveo as well.

The nice thing about those strategies is that the ultimate visibility of successful marketing and PR campaigns will be widespread. Generally, you’ll see a lift in other channels too, if you can manage to get a big media site to cover you. Think of the links – that will be natural! – and the effect they’ll have on organic results!

But why would you focus such intent efforts on Truveo. You’ve never even heard of Truveo. Well, you, my friend are getting closer to being alone in that sentiment as the months roll by.

May was a huge month for Truveo, according to President Pete Kocks. He’s hoping that the new site reflects the video search focus while resonating with internet users worldwide.

“With the launch of the new, we are showcasing the breadth of content discoverable in our search engine,” said Pete Kocks, President of Truveo and Vice President of AOL. “With thousands of channels and TV shows in our index, Truveo has long been recognized as a leader in video search technology, and today we are building on that reputation with an improved experience that makes discovering and sharing video content even easier and more personalized.”

That video content is highly popular in international locations. Because certain locales in Europe, the Middle East and South America have access to better bandwidth and because of the extent of Truveo’s video indexing, the site is more easily consumed internationally.

As a result, it comes as no surprise that the relaunch comes with the announcement of two partners: Univision and Tiscali Italia. Both will leverage Truveo’s API to deliver video search on their sites.

Speaking of the API, it fuels the video search on all of AOL’s sites. Considering the extent to which Truveo indexes video content, third party developers would be wise to incorporate the API to provide a nice value add to any site.

Truveo also has an iPhone app as well as a site optimized for mobile web surfers. They’re certainly on the ball and their increasing traffic is showing that they’re offering something that internet users really want: comprehensive video search.

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