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Digg has introduced an updated search to their social bookmarking site. Design head Daniel Burka outlined the changes in a post on the Digg blog. The updates include:

  • Filtering by factors such as Digg count, topic, time, etc.
  • Advanced shortcuts to search for specific promotion characteristics. Add +p to your query for only promoted stories, +u for upcoming stories, and +b for buried.
  • Common search tricks – quotes for exact match and a negative sign before the term to keep that term out of results
  • A graph demonstrating the historical trend of a term
  • Searching for stories from a particular domain is much more effective. Filtering results by domain is also available.
  • New RSS feeds allow users to create feeds for a given topic but filter out results they don’t wish to see
  • Digg search is faster

What do you think of the Digg search updates? Let us know in the comments below.

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