PostHeaderIcon Europe delays its ExoMars mission

By Jonathan Amos
Science reporter, BBC News

Rover testbed (Oerlikon)

Europe is going to delay its flagship space mission to Mars by two years.

The ExoMars rover, which will search for signs of life on the Red Planet, will not now launch until 2016 because of the high cost of the project.

The 1.2bn-euro price tag is deemed to be too high by governments, and space officials have been asked to find ways to reduce it.

One option may be to try to get greater involvement – financial and technical – from the Americans and the Russians.

“This way we could retain the full splendour of the mission and not reduce its scientific capability,” said European Space Agency spokesman Franco Bonacina told BBC News.</I

This article is from the BBC News website. © British Broadcasting Corporation

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One Response to “Europe delays its ExoMars mission”

  • Riyanne says:

    Recently I havee read the news that there was a safe landing expedition in Mars and the goal is to find “life” in the Red Planet

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