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The Cuil homepage is even more sparse than Google’s

Former workers at the web giant Google have launched a rival search engine.

Called Cuil, from the Gaelic for knowledge and hazel, its founders claim it does a better and more comprehensive job of indexing information online.

The technology it uses to index the web can understand the context surrounding each page and the concepts driving search requests, say the founders.

But analysts believe the new search engine, like many others, will struggle to match and defeat Google.

Hard fight

Cuil, pronounced “cool”, says it uses more than 120 billion webpages to build up its index of the information it finds on the web.

It claims this is more than Google uses though the search giant has stopped reporting how much it indexes. Without revealing numbers Google claimed its index was still bigger.

Cuil claims that its technology moves away from the methods that have driven Google’s success.

Instead of just looking at the number and quality of links to and from a webpage as Google’s technology does, Cuil attempts to understand more about the information on a page and the terms people use to search. Results are displayed in a magazine format rather than a list.

The company is also trying to set itself apart from Google by not retaining any information about what people search for.

Cuil founders, Anna Patterson, Russell Power and Louis Monier are former Google staffers. The other founder Tom Patterson worked for IBM and others on search and storage technologies.

By declaring its aim of taking on Google, Cuil joins a long list of others that have tried and largely failed to dent the search giant’s market share. Other contenders include Teoma, Vivisimo, Snap, Mahalo and Powerset.

“The time may be right for a challenger,” said Danny Sullivan, editor in chief of Search Engine Land. “Competing with Google is still a very daunting task, as Microsoft will tell you.”

Source: BBC

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3 Responses to “Search site aims to rival Google”

  • Cebu says:

    I think Cuil will have a hard time. it will be like hitting the moon w/ an arrow. But let us give Cuil a chance to prove itself. Google is so big that it is hard to bring down.

  • blu-rey says:

    I’ve been trying Cuil at various points during the day and I have to say that I’m unimpressed so far. It’s often extremely slow (probably being hammered on the first day) but the relevance of the results also seems to be very poor. In addition even simple searches such as “ paths” and “sql server xml” initially returned no results for me but but eventually seemed to ‘kick in’. Maybe this again is a performance issue but it serves to give a very poor impression of the search engine.

  • Stephen says:

    Being from Ireland, it’s great to hear about upcoming Irish companies, but it can’t find my website – google returns it in the number 1 spot. Google wins for mow :)

    Latest blog post… Sunrise Pictures

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