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If you don’t already know this then you better check your email. I got the email from EntreCard saying that if you had any kind of quick drop pages then you should take it down before July the 1st. And that’s the day I’m going to start my big contest! :cool:

Here’s a *snip* from the email I got.

This message is to inform you that effective July 1, 2008, Entrecard will be purging from its system the accounts of all members currently operating "Quick Drop Pages". We have assembled a massive list of all quick drop pages, and starting on the above mentioned date, we are going to go through the entire list and close the accounts of all the owners.

What’s a "Quick drop pages?" Here’s a screenshot.

See that? Just a page with a widget! That’s a quick drop pages! You can read the Official info about this at the Official EntreCard Blog.

So, do you have one? If you do then take it down or your account will be banned or deleted! And to help the EntreCard Community, if you find other sites that have the quick drop pages, you might want to consider contacting the sites owner and inform them about the updates (if they didn’t already know that) but if you find it after the deadline date then you can report the site to the support team at EntreCard. Here’s the email for support. Entrecard Team [ ]

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2 Responses to “Quick drop pages are now illegal!”

  • Wenbin says:

    I think this banning of powerdropping sites is a step in the right direction. Hopefully, this will help stabilize the value of credits.

  • Eric says:

    Entrecard is doing for the good of every member.
    They are taking action after many members start to recognize and criticize these “quick drop” sites.

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