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Registrations are now open and it’s FREE. We’re running a special offer for the first hundred (100) user registrations. The first hundred (100) users will have the opportunity to submit their post for FREE until the 31st May 2008.

You are welcome to promote and create buzz for your products or services in the form of an article or press release. Articles submitted will get a lot of traffic from search engines results. Your article will get the search engine traffic over and over again. The front page contains 10 of the latest posts. If there is no new submissions then your post will stay at the front page forever. But if there’s a lot of posts pending in review, your post will remain at least 24 hours at the front page. This gives your article a maximum exposure to the readers.

Only one link are permitted in your post and only one post per user are allowed. All post must be posted in the appropriate category under the Articles category lists. If your post didn’t fits in any of the categories listed, please contact us and suggest a new category for your post. We only accept post in English language. We don’t accept any embedded movie/audio/flash object in the post. Only images are accepted and the maximum width for the images are 500 pixels.

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We have the right to decline any post with illegal contents. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in your post being declined. For more informations please read the About page.

To publish a new post, first you need to be a registered user to submit a new post. You can click the Register menu link at the top right corner of this page or you can click this link to register as a user. After you’ve completed the registrations process, log in to this site using the Login menu link at the top right corner of this page or you can click this link to log in. After you’ve successfully log in, then you can submit your new post for FREE.

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