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You are welcome to promote and/or create buzz for your products or services in the form of an articles or press releases. Articles submitted will get a lot of traffic from the search engines results and it will be placed in our website archives and in the random featured section.

Your articles will get the search engine traffics over and over again and your articles will permanently stays in the archives. If there is no new submissions then your post will stay at the front page forever. But if there’s a lot of posts pending in review, your post will remain at least 24 hours in the front page. Your articles will randomly rotate in the featured section at the front page forever. This gives your articles a maximum exposure to the readers.

We only accepts post in English language. We don’t accept any embedded movie/audio/flash objects in the post. Only images are accepted and the maximum width for the images are 500 pixels. Animated images are allowed. The first image in the post will be used as a thumbnail preview for the random featured sections.

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Currently, we’re charging $50 per post. This one time payment is acceptably fair since your post will be permanently kept in our archives and randomly rotate in the featured sections forever.

We accept payment by PayPal only. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can click here to apply for an account for free. Or you can click this banner below.


If you’re interested in submitting a Sponsored Articles or a Press Releases, you can contact us and send your request. Please read the Term Of Service before you submit your articles. We have the right to decline any post with illegal contents. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in your post being declined. If we accept your submissions, you’ll get a confirmation email about your article status. Your articles will only be publish when your payment has been received.

Or you can find out about other advertising options here at our advertising page.

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