PostHeaderIcon AMD Reveals High-Bandwidth Memory Plan

AMD is calling HBM a “revolution in chip design”

GDDR5 will soon stall GPU performance growth, says AMD. According to the red team, GDDR5 is entering an inefficient region of the power-to-performance curve.Amd Stall

GDDR5 will soon reach a performance bottleneck.

Historically, AMD would try and solve these power-to-performance issues by shrinking chips and integrating functions, but the company says that on-chip integration isn’t ideal for DRAM, as DRAM is not size- or cost-effective for integration in a logic-optimized process.

You could theoretically scale GDDR5 to be faster, but this requires more bandwidth and would consume more power.Amd Interposer

Here’s the layout for AMD’s HBM interposer.

AMD is attempting to solve these issues by introducing its interposer, which brings DRAM closer to the logic die. According to AMD, this closer proximity enables a much wider bus width, which also improves the bandwidth per watt as well. AMD says that bandwidth per watt is much more important than the sheer amount of RAM a graphics card has. And in case you were wondering, each stack here amounts to 1GB. So if AMD’s hypothetical next-gen GPU were to have 4GB of high-bandwidth memory, there would be four stacks.

The benefits of using the interposer along with this high-bandwidth memory method is that it takes up much less surface area, and this combination gives you much more bandwidth than GDDR5 at less than 50 percent the power consumption.

Amd Dram For An Interposer

Here’s the anatomy of AMD’s new high-bandwidth memory stack.

While this will be applicable to discrete graphics cards, AMD believes it will be able to leverage the technology to cover multiple verticals, including APUs, consumer applications, enterprise solutions, and more. The company is calling HBM a “revolution in chip design” that will ultimately allow for up to 3x performance per watt compared to GDDR5, and will consume 94% less PCB surface than GDDR5.

What do you think of AMD’s approach to solving the GDDR5 issue? Let us know in the comments below.

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PostHeaderIcon FCC Denies Request to Delay Implementing Net Neutrality Rules

Application DeniedFCC will forge ahead with new neutrality rules

The Federal Communications Commission wasn’t moved by a joint petition filed by a group of U.S. cable companies and telecom providers seeking to delay implementing new net neutrality rules until a court can rule on the matter. For that to happen, the petitioners would have to show that it would likely win its case and suffer irreparable harm if a delay isn’t granted, among other criteria. The FCC didn’t buy the claims and denied the petitioners’ request for a delay.

According to the petition, cable companies and telecoms (including wireless carriers) aren’t opposed to the rules that have been laid out, such as not being able to block legal traffic, not being able to throttle traffic, and disallowing paid prioritization (otherwise known as Internet fast lanes). Their collective concern is reclassifying broadband as a utility and what “future conduct” might follow, PCMag reports.

In addition to the above mentioned criteria, petitioners must also show that interested parties will not be harmed if a stay is allowed, and that the public interest would be favor of the decision.

“We established by looking at the petitions, the opposition, and the language of the Commission’s Order that Petitioners have failed to meet the test for this extraordinary equitable relief,” the FCC motion said.

Barring anything unexpected, the new net neutrality rules will go into effect on June 12. In the meantime, you can read the Petition (PDF) and FCC Motion (PDF).

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Article Source: The Only Yard For The Internet Junkie
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Article Source: The Only Yard For The Internet Junkie
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